4 Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer After a Minor Crash

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If you’ve been in a car accident in San Jose, you’re probably worried about the safety of yourself and your passengers and the damage to your car. You may not be thinking about hiring a San Jose car accident attorney — but it’s something that you should do fairly soon after a car crash.

Even if you don’t think you were hurt or your car doesn’t look damaged, a car accident and personal injury attorney can help protect you. Why? Keep reading for four great reasons to hire a car accident lawyer in San Jose for your car accident claim.


1. The Other Driver May Falsify the Situation

If you don’t call the police right after an auto accident and get a police report, then resolving who is at fault for the car accident becomes a matter of your word against the other driver’s. If they were at fault for the accident, they (and their accident lawyer) might try to shift the blame to you so that they don’t have to pay for damages.

If the auto accident was partly or mostly your fault, the other driver might exaggerate the damage to their car or the nature of their injuries to get a larger settlement. Either way, hiring a San Jose auto accident lawyer ensures that you have legal representation for your personal injury case to protect your interests and get you fair compensation.


2. The Car Accident Wasn’t Your Fault

If you weren’t the at-fault driver in the car accident, then you have grounds to file an insurance claim against the other driver. Typical personal injury claims cover the costs of repairing or replacing your vehicle, medical expenses, ongoing aftercare, and lost wages or diminished earning capacity at work.

However, even for innocent victims, filing a claim against the insurance company of the at-fault party can be a complicated business. You’ll need the right documentation and must know how to file it with the courts if necessary. 

An experienced car accident attorney will prepare the case for you, including collecting medical records, the police report, and witness statements. They’ll make sure all of the required paperwork is in order when filing.


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3. The Other Party’s Insurance Company Have Experienced Car Accident Lawyers

After an auto accident, especially a severe one, you need immediate medical attention and time to allow yourself to rest and heal. You may feel the need to try and get back to your busy routine.

Choosing to handle your accident claim alone means that you’ll be going against a team of car accident lawyers who have plenty of experience trying to settle for as little as possible when they can’t just deny the claim outright.

Right after the accident, the other driver’s insurance company may offer you a fast settlement. While this offer may look great at first, it could be just a fraction of what you truly deserve. 

Many car accident injuries require repeated doctor’s visits and physical therapy to recover fully. Once you accept a settlement, you cannot ask for additional damages — the accident case is closed.

However, an experienced car accident lawyer understands the actual costs of your damages, including ensuring that you receive enough money to cover future medical bills, not just your initial hospital visit. They’ll make sure to ask for a settlement high enough to protect your future interests.

Just like you’d take your car to a mechanic when it’s broken or visit the dentist with a toothache, you should hire an auto accident lawyer in San Jose when you run into legal trouble after a wreck. They’ll be the ones negotiating with the other lawyers and responding to their communications, taking a big load off your shoulders.


4. You Are Not a Professional Lawyer

If you can’t come to an agreement with the other party’s insurance company, then your car accident case may go to court. Are you prepared to represent yourself in a personal injury lawsuit? Do you know where to begin? Proving personal injury liability is something that should be handled by an experienced lawyer.

Oftentimes, the threat of going to court instead of simple mediation or negotiation is enough for the other party’s insurer to offer a fair settlement to cover your damages. However, going into court and convincing a jury requires extensive legal research that a professional personal injury lawyer can provide.

You may also need expert witnesses if your case goes to trial, which is part of the service that a good car accident attorney provides. These witnesses attest to the extent of your injuries and the impact those injuries have on your life and your ability to work. There is no doubt that the other side will have experts ready to discredit your claim.


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