How to Choose the Best Auto Accident Attorneys

auto Accident attorneysThe United States has one of the busiest road traffic with nearly millions of registered vehicles as of December 2021. While the new vehicles in the country are more advanced and safe, car accidents keep increasing. About 42,915 people died in road crashes in 2021 — a 10.5% increase from 2020.

Getting injured in an auto accident not only does it elicits physical and emotional trauma, but also leaves you fighting with insurers to get the coverage you need to pay for medical bills and damages.

Having auto accident lawyers on your side will ensure you get the maximum compensation you deserve. They will represent your legal interests while you focus on recovery. Below is an auto accident attorney guide to help you find the right legal representation.


Confirm That They Specialize in Auto Accident Claims

The two main types of claims that follow an auto accident are personal injury claims and property damage claims. You need to choose a lawyer that specializes in both. An experienced auto accident lawyer will not only help you file a claim but also help you determine liability. They will also inform you about the statute of limitations—the time limit in your state on when you can bring a lawsuit against the at-fault party— in your auto accident case.

For your property damage claim, they will present a compelling case on your property’s sentimental value, cost of repairs, replacement value, or loss of use to help you get proper compensation. Additionally, if your loved one died in the accident, the car crash attorney you pick should be qualified to take on a wrongful death claim.


Choose a Lawyer that Understands Auto Accident Personal Injuries

Did you know that car injury costs were estimated at $473.2 billion? From impact injuries to penetrating injuries, an auto accident can cause serious injuries. As a result, you may need surgery, rehabilitation, and ongoing therapy. What’s more, you may have to incur wage and productivity losses when you miss weeks or even months off work.

When you hire a lawyer, you don’t just want them to understand the basic concepts surrounding car accident injuries. Ensure your auto accident attorney has in-depth knowledge about your injury. This allows them to investigate your specific injuries with precision.

With the proper knowledge, they will not only help you receive proper medical treatment but come up with an accurate settlement estimation that will cover all your injury-related costs.


Ensure They Have Experience in Out-of-Court Settlements and Litigations

In a car accident case, you have the option of accepting a settlement out of court or taking your case to trial. When choosing an auto accident attorney, opt for one that can handle both situations well.

To avoid expensive litigation, insurance companies may opt for an out-of-court settlement. It may also be a trick to pay you less compensation unless you hire a qualified auto accident attorney with proper negotiation skills. They will go back and forth with the insurers until you get a satisfactory settlement.

Although about 97% of personal injury claims don’t reach trial, you may have to file a car accident lawsuit if you don’t reach an agreement out of court. In this case, you need to choose an auto accident lawyer that can defend you during the trial as well.


Prioritize Communication and Transparency

Communication should always be a priority when you’re hiring an auto accident attorney. Look for a lawyer who is willing to answer any questions you may have about the car accident claim and give you in-depth and detailed responses. You can ask your attorney how they approach client communications.

Additionally, your lawyer should be transparent about the progress of your case. The legal system is very complex and your case may not be as straightforward. As much as you want to win your auto accident claim, they need to inform you about the difficulties you may face along the way. They must also offer viable solutions.


Ask About the Lawyer’s Auto Accident Claim Track Record

Apart from experience, your lawyer should have a proven track record of success with complex car accident claims. You don’t want to hire an auto accident attorney who has lost all their cases. Ensure you inquire about their previous car accident lawsuits.

While they may not give you their past clients’ contact information due to attorney-client confidentiality, they can direct you to their online reviews and case studies. You can use these to see what past clients say about the lawyers.

When going through the testimonials, ensure they touch on the top qualities you’re looking for in an auto accident attorney.


Confirm That Your Auto Accident Case Will Be a Priority

After getting a brain injury, the insurance adjusters of the at-fault party will be fighting hard to avoid admitting any fault or paying the full compensation. Since you may be struggling with physical pain, cognitive challenges, and emotional traumas, you may not have the strength to take on the case.

For the best outcome, you need an auto accident lawyer that prioritizes your claim. Avoid attorneys that handle dozen of cases at the same time. They may not have time to analyze your case and defend your rights. You should hire a car accident attorney that devotes proper time and effort to help you understand your case and your legal options.


Inquire About Their Pricing

Pricing is an important factor when choosing an auto accident attorney. This is why you should request an estimate of how much your claim is worth. While they may not give you a precise amount, they may approximate the price based on whether your case settles out of court or goes to trial.

The best auto accident attorney works on a contingency fee basis. This means they don’t get money unless you get a car accident settlement or a court judgment in your favor. Most lawyers will set a contingency fee percentage of between 25 to 40% in an auto accident case.


Hire Qualified Auto Accident Attorneys

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