How Long Does It Take to Reach the Average Settlement for an Uber Accident?

How Much Are Uber Passenger Accident Settlement Amounts Worth?

Uber accident settlement amounts with the insurance company after a car accidentBetween the convenience factor and simple accessibility, utilizing Uber, Lyft, or other ridesharing services is a great way to get around San Jose. While there are many perks, according to the University of Chicago, the use of rideshare services has also contributed to an overall increase in fatal car accidents by 3%.

The correlation is clear. The more cars there are on the roads, the more car accidents will take place. And, when an Uber accident occurs, victims may be left wondering who is liable for damages, as well as how much Uber accident settlements are worth. If an Uber driver was involved in a car accident, passengers may file personal injury claims for compensation. Here is what to know regarding the average Uber accident settlement amounts.


How Average Uber Accident Settlement Amounts Are Calculated

Uber accident settlements are determined based on overall damages. Serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment often make up the majority of an Uber accident settlement. The following damages are typically accounted for when an Uber accident claim is filed.

Medical Expenses

All medical bills from the treatment needed to recover from a serious injury can be included in the final Uber accident settlement. This includes surgeries and prescriptions. Future medical expenses for anticipated treatment, like physical therapy are also considered.

Pain and Suffering

The physical or psychological trauma that is associated with the San Jose Uber accident can be compensated with a successful Uber accident claim. Personal injury claims are intended to help victims recover from the various effects car accidents cause.

Lost Wages

Time missed from work due to Uber car accident injuries can also be included in an Uber accident settlement. If permanent injuries were sustained, loss of earning capacity will also be taken into account.

Property Damage

Any personal items that were destroyed and require replacement or repair may also be included in the Uber accident settlement.


The Average Uber Accident Settlement Amounts

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Again, every case is unique, so the average Uber car accident settlements may not be indicative of how much your Uber accident settlement will be. Studies show that bodily injury settlements are approximately $20,000, property damage settlements are around $4,000, and the average settlement most car accident victims receive is less than $10,000.

Why Determining the Average Uber Accident Settlement Is Not That Important

Because every Uber car accident is unique, the value of each case will vary. Therefore, some cases may be worth thousands, while others are worth millions. Ultimately, the average Uber car accident settlement is based on the available insurance coverage of the party who was at fault, if bodily injury was sustained, and if property damage was suffered.


How Coverage with Uber's Insurance Company Works After an Accident

Uber's insurance company may cover victims' damages, but only under certain circumstances. Insurance coverage will vary depending on the status of the Uber driver at the time of the car accident based on the following "periods."

  • Period 0: If the Uber app is turned off or if the Uber driver is offline when the Uber accident happened, only the driver's personal auto insurance coverage will be used after a car accident.
  • Period 1: If the Uber driver has the app turned on and is waiting for a ride request when the Uber accident happened, Uber's insurance company will provide coverage of $50,000 in bodily injury per person, $100,000 in bodily injury for all parties in one Uber accident, and $25,000 in property damage per Uber car accident.
  • Period 2: If the Uber driver accepted a ride, but has not picked up a passenger yet when the Uber accident happened, the involved parties who were not at fault may qualify for Uber's insurance coverage, which covers up to $1 million in damages.
  • Period 3: If the Uber driver has picked up the passenger when the Uber accident happened, Uber's insurance company will provide the same coverage as indicated in Period 2.

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Why Does an Uber Accident Claim Take So Long to Settle?

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Rideshare drivers are considered contracted employees, so a typical employer-employee relationship doesn't exactly apply after an Uber car accident. Therefore, the extent of responsibility of Uber's insurance company to cover damages will depend on whether the Uber driver was logged into the app at the time of the car accident, which will take time to investigate.

If an uninsured/underinsured motorist caused the car accident, personal injury claims can be filed against the at-fault driver, as well as with Uber's insurance company. If the at-fault driver's insurance policy limit is met, then Uber will be responsible for the remaining damages.

Sorting the liability out is tricky. Most rideshare companies will try to minimize their responsibility, reducing how much (if any) they will have to pay back to Uber passengers.

Other Factors That Affect Uber Accident Settlement Amounts

Also, Uber accident claims sometimes take longer to settle because Uber vehicles are not considered commercial vehicles. Therefore, Uber's insurance company is not subject to the same government requirements as taxis, city buses, or other forms of public transportation.

That’s why guidance from experienced San Jose Uber accident attorneys is so vital. Uber's insurance company will only be obligated to cover damages if the Uber accident occurred within one of the liability coverage periods.

Our personal injury attorneys at Valley Accident Attorneys are experienced in how insurance coverage in an Uber accident works. We have dealt with Uber accident claims, successfully recovering maximum compensation for injured victims. We will fight to hold all liable parties accountable.


How Can I Settle an Uber Accident Case for Maximum Damages?

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Settling cases involving minor injuries or minimal property damage may take a considerably short amount of time to resolve. Typically, if the Uber accident settlement is lower, Uber's insurance company will be more forthcoming in reaching a quick resolution.

However, the more valuable a personal injury claim is, the longer it will take to reach an Uber car accident settlement. For instance, if serious injuries were sustained, causing debilitation or disfigurement, medical expenses will be greater, which increases the value of the Uber accident case.

An injured passenger is entitled to a fair Uber accident settlement, but the insurance companies will make an effort to delay the process and prevent compensating what is owed. In order to recover maximum compensation as soon as possible, it is recommended to seek guidance from experienced Uber accident attorneys.


How Uber Accident Attorneys Will Help Your Personal Injury Case

While passengers who were involved in an Uber car accident are entitled to compensation for severe injuries, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering, the insurance company will make it challenging to be fully compensated.

However, working with San Jose Uber accident attorneys can greatly impact a case. In addition to helping determine an accurate Uber accident settlement amount, attorneys can also help clients recover maximum compensation at a quicker rate.

In California, these Uber cases can take months to a year to arrive at a fair car accident settlement. The laws surrounding liability for an Uber car accident are complex, and without the right experience, victims may not receive the compensation they rightfully deserve.

When an attorney files a personal injury claim, there will be a lot of back-and-forth negotiating with the insurance company. Instead of attempting to resolve the case on your own, when you should be focused on recovery, rely on the experience of a qualified Uber accident lawyer.


An Uber Accident Lawyer in San Jose Can Help

gavel and lady justice to symbolize legal representation for an Uber accident settlement with the insurance companyIf you’ve been injured in a car accident with an Uber driver, a rideshare accident attorney can help you achieve a maximum Uber accident settlement with the insurance company.

Valley Accident Attorneys will negotiate with Uber's insurance company on your behalf, allowing you to focus on healing. As experienced personal injury lawyers in San Jose, we also know how to prepare an Uber accident case by gathering police reports, the driving history of the involved Uber driver, medical records listing sustained injuries, and other prevalent evidence.

Our law firm deals with a variety of personal injury accidents including Uber and Lyft accidents. We have the experience and expertise to recover fair compensation for accident victims in San Jose, CA. Call us today for a free case evaluation.

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