How to Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in San Jose

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

vintage classic Motorcycle headlightAfter a San Jose motorcycle accident, it is essential to ensure that you are backed by a quality team of medical professionals and legal staff. Working with a motorcycle accident law firm improves the chances for injured motorcycle riders to recover maximized settlements following accidents caused by other negligent parties. 

According to The State Bar of California, there are more than 266,000 attorneys licensed to practice law within the state. With so many candidates to select from, it can be incredibly stressful to screen the best San Jose motorcycle accident lawyers fit to handle your case. If you were recently injured in a motorcycle crash and considering legal help, here are some helpful tips for finding the best attorneys. 


1. Review Track Record

A motorcycle accident lawyer who wants to showcase his or her successes will promote it. Review the websites of all the prospective law firms to see if their performance history is listed somewhere on the site.

High success rates for motorcycle accident claims indicate that a particular attorney has experience with similar personal injury cases. Most personal injury attorneys are knowledgeable in various types of incidents where severe injuries were sustained. However, the ideal attorney must specialize in motorcycle accidents.

In addition to winning, the San Jose motorcycle accident attorney will have a proven success rate of obtaining full and fair compensation for clients. Therefore, do not just look for a percentage of cases won; be wary of the amounts recovered, as well. 


2. Seek Out Personal Recommendations

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Family members, friends, and work colleagues are all great resources for referrals, especially if they hired a San Jose motorcycle accident attorney under similar circumstances.

However, keep in mind that not all personal injury attorneys are equipped to handle motorcycle accident claims. When inquiring, ask about the types of personal injury accidents the recommended motorcycle accident attorney has worked on.

Also, ask how invested the law firm was in the case and in achieving the most ideal outcome possible. Was a satisfactory outcome delivered? How long did it take to reach a resolution? Was the settlement amount more or less than expected?

References can also come in the form of recommendations of motorcycle accident lawyers to avoid and not hire. Learning why some attorneys are not recommended will help motorcycle accident victims make informed decisions on who to work with for their cases.


3. Research Online Reviews of Local Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Online resources ranking San Jose motorcycle accident attorneys in the area are a great tool for comparing options. Former clients who were motorcycle accident victims share their experiences working with various attorneys throughout Silicon Valley on these review sites.

Third-party sites, like Avvo, FindLaw, and Yelp, are preferred, as they are not curated by law firms, and the reviews are posted by non-biased individuals. However, do not get distracted just by positive or negative feedback. 

Look for testimonials that are detailed and specific to the attorney’s work. If someone posts that an attorney did a “great” or “poor” job working on a motorcycle accident claim, there should be specifics regarding why that feedback was stated. 

Additionally, the reviews should be recent, as dated reviews may not be relevant to current personal injury laws and practices. Whereas, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney with a proven track record should have consistent reviews posted.


4. Meet with a San Jose Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

punitive damagesScheduling a consultation with all of the lawyers who appear to be the best candidates is one of the most crucial steps in the research process. When meeting, discuss important factors and concerns, like:

  • Expert in motorcycle accident cases: Confirm that the attorney does not just handle personal injury cases but has experience in recovering compensation for motorcycle accident injuries.
  • Specific needs: The more information that is provided, the more the attorney can speak to the plausibility of meeting those needs. 
  • Evaluation of the motorcycle accident claim: During this time, the attorney can evaluate damages and a case’s value, which consists of lost wages, medical expenses, and more.
  • Communication: Regular case updates provide peace of mind. Inquire about communication style and how responsive the law firm is.

Some attorneys offer a free case evaluation to ensure they are also partnering with clients whose expectations they can meet, making this step a win-win for both parties. During the consultation, the San Jose motorcycle accident lawyer should show a sincere interest in the case and be willing to address all of the questions that are asked.


The Benefits of Hiring San Jose Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

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As nonfatal injuries from motorcycle accidents continue to increase, data indicates that a crash becomes more likely with more vehicles on the road. In the event of a San Jose motorcycle crash, injured riders and their families must equip themselves with support from medical and legal professionals.

Doing so will help victims recover physically and financially, as motorcycle accidents can create a dramatic financial strain. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can provide the following benefits.

Specialization in San Jose Motorcycle Accident Claims

From filing a personal injury claim to collecting evidence from the accident scene to handling negotiations with the insurance company, the best motorcycle accident lawyer can build a strong case by:

  • Collecting medical reports that indicate serious injuries were suffered from the motorcycle crash
  • Indicating the other driver caused the accident as a result of negligence
  • Obtaining police reports, summarizing the event
  • Communicating with eyewitnesses for statements of what was observed at the accident scene
  • Filing documents by their required deadlines, like the statute of limitations

With so much bias surrounding motorcyclists, it can be difficult to prove that the other party was guilty of negligence, and not the motorcyclist. However, a case that is supported by facts and strong legal representation will be prepared for the tactics that insurance companies will use to place blame on motorcycle accident victims. 

Assistance Receiving the Best Medical Treatment

Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI), internal injuries, broken bones, permanent scarring, paralysis, and more. Even when it appears minor injuries were sustained, it’s vital to seek medical attention. 

However, due to expensive medical bills and not knowing which specialists to see for treatment, some motorcycle accident injuries go untreated, which could have devastating long-term effects. When working with a personal injury law firm that handles motorcycle accidents, injured clients will not have to worry about where to receive medical treatment. 

Motorcycle accident lawyers will set clients up with the best physicians in San Jose, ensuring they are properly treated for their injuries. They will also assist clients cover medical costs by filing claims with the liable party for damages.

Maximize Compensation for Motorcycle Accidents

After a motorcycle accident, the insurance company will review the initial claim and make a counteroffer. This offer is usually low and unlikely to cover all of the suffered damages.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will review the actual cost of damages and negotiate a fair settlement in a personal injury case. Attorneys who have worked on a San Jose motorcycle crash will understand all areas of loss, confirming whether or not the insurance company is proposing a fair settlement offer.

Additionally, a motorcycle accident lawyer will know how to negotiate with the insurance company, as he or she is familiar with the local laws and regulations surrounding motorcycle accidents.

Court Representation if the Case Goes to Trial

A motorcycle accident case can often be settled out of court, especially if an experienced San Jose motorcycle lawyer is involved. However, if the insurance company does not agree to a fair settlement, a lawsuit can be filed, and the case goes to trial. 

A San Jose motorcycle accident lawyer will represent clients throughout the entire legal process, advising the best course of action and providing insight into how the court system works. 


Contact Valley Accident Attorneys for Your Motorcycle Accident Case

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The amount of compensation you can be recovered from motorcycle accidents depends on the circumstances of the accident. Compensation can account for lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and medical bills, but this can vary.  

With the assistance of a qualified San Jose motorcycle accident lawyer, these areas of losses, as well as additional damages can be recovered at a maximum rate, by gathering the evidence needed to support a personal injury claim and get the maximum compensation injured riders deserve.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact Valley Accident Attorneys as soon as possible. We offer a free case evaluation and never charge our clients any upfront fees. To learn more about our personal injury law firm in San Jose, please, give us a call today. 

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